13 Jul

Responsible interactions when diving with Sunfish

In my previous blog I explained the importance of keeping a distance when you dive with Mola molas. They are shy by nature, so although they don’t seem to mind divers, please give them some privacy while they get cleaned.

Two more points to be aware of :

  •  Do not swim under the fish as your bubbles will disturb cleaning behavior.

For underwater photographers this might sound disappointing. The best are often shot against the surface and the sun. But as I mentioned earlier, sunfish are very shy and as most other animals, they don’t like bubbles! So by swimming below them, you can easily scare them away, even when they’re in their cleaning position.

  • Be courteous to other divers and restrict your interaction time to under 5 minutes when other groups are present.

 OK so I understand you’ve traveled hours and hours just to see these amazing giants. But there are hundreds of other divers wanting the same! Be sensible, enjoy the interaction and take a photo from a safe distance, and then slowly move away and allow others to enjoy a glimpse as well.

Talking from my own experience, the best experience I’ve had with Mola molas wasn’t actually in Crystal Bay. There are other sites and secret spots around the island where we frequently see them, such as Manta Point, Toyapakeh or Buyuk. Although the chances of seeing them might be less, the experience is just that much better!  I have also seen manta rays and sunfish in just 1 single dive at these lesser known sites.  Not having to share the experience with hundreds of other divers makes it so much better and it´s definitely worth diving at. A few remote spots around Nusa Penida because the view along the way is that of dramatic limestone caves and turquoise colored bays. So don’t rush it, give yourself at least 2 -3 diving days through a Mola mola Safari  and enjoy the beauty of diving with the mysterious Sunfish.

You can also check out our article about the Sunfish Code of Conduct here.

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This article is written by Niels Rijneveld. Check out our other blogpost here.

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