22 Feb

Scuba Diving in Pregnancy

When it comes to scuba diving, there is currently no conclusive evidence on whether or not it’s a safe activity for pregnant mothers to partake in. The general consensus within the dive community is that mothers should not participate in any scuba diving activity during their pregnancy as the risks to the fetus cannot be entirely ruled out.

Due to the nature of the activity, the main cautions to keep in mind with scuba diving is the pressure and decompression sickness that is associated with going underwater. There is no conclusive evidence that emphatically states that the pressure and nitrogen absorption during scuba diving would be safe for a developing baby.

For this reason, Blue Season Bali and PADI do not recommend that women partake in scuba diving for the duration of their pregnancy. However, don’t let that deter you from other water sports! Snorkeling is the perfect alternative to scuba diving, and there are in fact tangible benefits to being in the water for pregnant women.




Benefits of being in the water

Being in the water means the mother’s body is somewhat alleviated from the effects of gravity. This helps the mother feel a bit of relief from the aches and pains of being pregnant, especially during the last trimester.

Having a small baby developing means carrying around the extra weight of the baby. This that takes a physical toll on the mother that gradually impacts her mobility. In this case, going snorkeling in the water can help ameliorate the pain from sore muscles and swollen joints from carrying the extra weight of the baby inside. In addition, women who exercise throughout pregnancy find it easier to get back in shape after giving birth to their babies.

Another benefit for being in the water is mental health. Having the physical ailments lifted provides a soothing sensation for the pregnant women resulting in better mood overall. There have been numerous studies suggesting the benefits of a happy mother during pregnancy giving positive impact on the growing fetus.

Water activities provide much needed physical and mental benefits for pregnant mothers. If you would like to learn more or perhaps schedule a snorkeling session with one of our PADI Certified divers, feel free to contact Blue Season Bali.

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