15 Mar

Scuba Panther goes to school

Greetings from Blue Season Bali’s Marketing Team!

Our newly expanded and diverse team has been itching to bring new ideas and a breath of fresh air to the scuba diving scene in Bali!

Our Divemaster interns partake in monthly beach cleanups and all our marine conservation attempts have been a great way to remind ourselves that we humans are part of the problem, but we can also be the solution. While cleaning up beaches has been very rewarding, we wanted a longer term plan to benefit our beloved Sanur.

We called 6 top international schools in South Bali and scheduled meetings with them. We plan to give the students a short presentation about marine conservation and also to launch our very own artificial reef design contest!

The project started very simply one day over dinner, when our Marketing Director bumped into her friend (a teacher from Sanur Independent School) and got chatting about what we could do to clean up Sanur beach. 1 month later the project was approved by our Directors at Blue Season Bali and 3 months down the line we were ready for our first school presentation!

Bali Artificial Reef Contest
Artificial Reef Contest Presentation – Gandhi Memorial School

The objective of this project is to offer local school children the chance to participate in designing an artificial reef. They will also help raise much needed funds to enable the project to go ahead.

We asked Blue Season Bali’s in-house Marine Biologist, Niels Rijneveld, to give a short presentation. With his expertise in Marine Conservation and his extensive diving experience in Bali he was able to provide the audience with specific examples of the threats to our environment. Niels explained how long a plastic bag, a piece of paper and cigarette butt each take to decompose in the ocean and this information astonished the students (and teachers!) Assisting Niels was the Blue Season Bali Marketing Team together with their mascot for this project – Peter the Panther. Needless to say that our first audience loved Peter!

In the 45 minute interactive presentation we gave out a few prizes for students who correctly answered questions along the way. We also distributed some pool-dive vouchers for students and teachers to experience diving Blue Season Bali.

Within this 45 minute educational session is our Reef Designing Contest. We are inviting students to participate and submit a group design for an artificial reef.  Students will also have the chance to win a full day ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ experience with Blue Season Bali. Further details of the contest can be found at the end of this page.

We are really glad to have the chance to meet such an enthusiastic group from Gandhi Memorial School and look forward to catching up with them again soon.

If your school would like to learn more about Marine Conservation then please contact us.

Read more about the artificial reef design contest on our website

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