03 Apr

Six Ways Scuba Applies Outside the Water

Scuba diving is extraordinarily unique. You experience weightlessness, breathe underwater, and plunge into the oceanic realm. When you’re certified as a scuba diver, you’ve probably also developed some skills that apply outside the water!

Here are six places your experience underwater benefits you on land:

#1 – You know how to go with the flow, literally but also figuratively

The resistance of the water forces us to slow everything down.

Result: life doesn’t always go the way we want it to. When that happens, we move slowly and deliberately and don’t fight the forces of nature.

#2 – You are better at communicating

Whether it’s with flashlights or hand signals, we are constantly checking in with our buddy. The more you dive, the more you learn about how to identify a diver in distress.

Result: We know communication is important for any relationship. Divers, especially, know the importance of checking-in with your partner.

#3 – You’re brave

Breathing underwater is an unnatural experience for humans, even after practicing. After proper training, you learn to trust your equipment and your skills.

Result: We know a new experience, which was initially scary, isn’t so bad after education and some practice.

#4 – You know how to prioritize

You need three outfits for a 7-day trip? No problem at all. Equipment that gives you a memorable experience will take precedence over looking good.

Result: We know that happiness means prioritizing experiences. We value memories that last a lifetime more than any material object.

#5 – You know how to get things done

Every diver knows that you need to begin diving against the current.

Result: Getting the hard part out of the way first will mean having the time and space to relax later on.

#6 – You learn how to play well with others

Scuba divers bond through their shared experiences. The scuba diving community creates a bond.

Result: because we know that everyone wants to be part of a community. Divers frequently include others outside of work and family.

If all of this has you wanting to hang out with other divers, book a trip with us! Never dived before, but you want to start diving? Join Blue Season Bali for a PADI Open Water Diver Course!

Happy diving!

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