19 Mar

Caribbean addition to the Marketing team

As the watchful communications and marketing intern that I am, I’ve noticed the following changes over the course of the past two weeks:

• The amount of water cups occupying the tables around the office having increased by 33%
• A conspicuous cacophony of coughs coming from the corner, conceivably of a Caribbean character having caught a cold
• Every morning I am now met with a “Good morning sir” the second I exit my room.

From these changes I have carefully deduced that another intern may have joined me at the Sanur Intern House as well as Blue Season’s marketing department. That, or dementia is kicking in sooner than expected.

As a result of this, I decided to conduct some thorough primary research by asking the newly-arrived Tommy Brugman a few questions:

Alright Tommy, first of all welcome to Bali. You are one of Blue Season Bali’s newest additions to the marketing team – they seem to be shooting up like mushrooms these days. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi Jonas, Thank-you for the warm welcome. As you already hinted, I’m from the Caribbean, more specifically a small island named Curacao where I was born and raised till I was 18 years old. The island is tiny and as such there was never really much to do (no theme parks, malls, etc. etc.). Therefore, to keep myself entertained I started to pick up many sports, especially water sports. On my days off I enjoyed wave surfing, wake boarding, fishing and hanging out friends near the ocean, the ocean somehow always has brought me a sense of peace. After completing my high school I worked full-time in a hotel for a year to gain some well-needed work experience. In the summer of 2008, I moved to the Netherlands get my bachelors in hospitality management. And now I’ve made my way down to the island of Bali to perform my final internship for said bachelor’s degree.

Judging by the smile in the picture to the right, you were clearly a used-car dealer in a previous life. Is that what you aspire to be or what do you want out of this internship?

Either I was a used-car dealer in my previous life or I’ve just been trying my best to keep a smile on my face and stay positive, I mean I’m still young, I have a cool internship and I’m in Bali so how couldn’t I be smiling. My aspirations during this internship are to learn more about how a leading dive center like Blue Season Bali markets themselves and to learn the skills and tasks required to do so. Not only the marketing department interests me it would be ideal for me if I could gain some experience in several departments in this company. It’s my career wish to start up my own small company one day, and I think I can learn a lot from the staff here at Blue Season Bali.

What is your favorite color?

I would have to say blue. Are you going to tell me what kind of a person that makes me, or how successful I’m going to be in the future?

Nah, it was just a filler question so I’d have time to take a few bites of my croissant.
Romantic evening of candlelit dinner or borderline inebriation party hardy?

I would have to say start off with a nice candle light dinner and why not party hardy after! Best of both worlds you know. Why you asking?

Just wanted to know what we’re doing on Friday… So how is the work environment at Blue Season Bali?

I’ve only experienced the working environment here at Blue season for 2 weeks now, however my first impression is really positive. The atmosphere at the office is very relaxed, and with relaxed I don’t mean that were not doing anything, but I really like the fact that we can work on our own manner, at our own pace, implement our own creative ideas instead of following strict guidelines and orders. The staff is very friendly and I felt welcome from day one. I also really enjoy the fact that my daily tasks differ from day to day keeping my job interesting, working at the dive center, retail center and Sanur shop offers me the variety of work and tasks that I require to learn more about this company. + I’m looking forward to tag along with guest dive-trips occasionally and getting my open water and advanced certifications soon!

Tell us funny story (doesn’t have to be the one where you woke up on the beach in someone else’s underwear while someone had used your body as canvas for their artistic male genitalia lipstick drawings, only to find out said drawings had been traced).

Hey, you promised to keep that off the record!

I admit to none of the sorts. Any final remarks to round up the interview?

My only remark is that I enjoyed answering the questions you asked. I would however, like to ask if I can get those pictures back from the abovementioned beach incident?

What pictures? I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some completely unrelated matters to attend to at the photocopier.

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