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Gerätetauchen in Bali

04 Jan 5 Gründe warum Gerätetauchen glücklich macht

Jeder, der schon mindestens einmal Gerätetauchen war, weiß, dass es glücklich macht – und das aus ganz verschiedenen Gründen: Beim Gerätetauchen kannst du jegliche negativen Gedanken, die du dir über Wasser machst, loslassen. Es beruhigt dich. Wenn du erst einmal ins ...

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Whale Sharks in Bali

30 Nov 5 overwhelming facts about Whale Sharks

They fascinate thousands of people from all around the world; known as sharks, yet so peaceful. They are very rare and a delight for divers to see them. Whale Sharks! Blue Season Bali’s team loves them, as well. That is ...

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Mount Agung

01 Nov Volcano Bali – Mount Agung Update

BREAKING NEWS!! The warning status for Bali’s Volcano, Mount Agung, has been dropped to level 3 – trips to Amed are now OPEN! Bali’s volcano – Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali. It is the holy mountain for ...

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Kids try diving Bali

26 Oct Kids try diving – Bubblemaker and Seal Team

If you’ve ever been scuba diving before, you’ll remember the first time you took a deep breath underwater! It’s an experience that you can never forget. So why not give your kids the opportunity to experience diving when you’re in ...

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seasickness Bali

28 Sep 7 tips to avoid seasickness while diving

We know, it’s not a very nice topic to talk about but unfortunately some of our divers and even our long staying dive interns experience seasickness now and then. Most of the time this happens at one of our favourite dive ...

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