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Scuba dive in Bali

16 Feb 5 Reasons to Scuba Dive in Bali

Bali’s warm waters attract some of the most beautiful and obscure marine life a diver can find.  Here are 5 things we love about scuba diving in these tropical waters… 1. Bali Sunfish (Mola Mola) Ocean Sunfish, Mola Mola, Crystal ...

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Blue Season Bali's Divemaster Intern Nick

03 Nov Introducing Divemaster Intern Nick

…also known as the Navi guy, or the Trainers Guy or even the Phone Guy… “It is super hot and the internet is crap, but everyone has to learn from life!  – Just a joke on the side,” is what ...

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Waterbom in Bali

26 Oct Swimming and Sliding in the Waterbom!

Norma lly you can find Blue Season Bali’s divers in the ocean for scuba diving, but guess what?! We decided to take our Divemaster Interns on a crazy water adventure at the Waterbom in Kuta! Instead of exploring the ocean, ...

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Blue Season Bali's Divemaster Intern Cara

24 Oct Introducing Divemaster Intern Cara

With her 25 years, Cara is a postgraduate marine biologist and to come to BLUE SEASON BALI was like coming a step closer to her life how she wants it to be. After the impressive island Bali she is heading ...

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Blue Season Bali's Divemaster Intern Wally

16 Oct Introducing Divemaster Intern Wally

“Hey have you seen this Western guy? He is a giant, isn´t he?” These are words Blue Season Bali’s Divemaster Intern Wally had to get used to in the Paradise of Bali, one of the Islands of Indonesia. He beats ...

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Blue Season Bali's Divemaster Intern

15 Oct Introducing Divemaster Intern Sarah

“I am on my mission to face a Mola Mola and find my personal giant Manta.” These are the words of Blue Season Bali’s Divemaster intern Sarah Collins. She is a 23 year old Biology and Chemistry student, who spent ...

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08 Aug Diving vs Snorkeling

Blue Season Bali Blog – Diving vs Snorkeling “Diving? With a tank and that weird Darth Vader respiration gadget? Uncle X knows someone who went diving and never came back!” Wow, what a pleasant reaction of my mother to the ...

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