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19 Oct How Sunscreens Could be Harmful?

We all know that the benefits of sunscreens to protect the skin from UV rays are no longer to be proven. On the other hand, this summer essential can be very harmful for the marine environment, and especially for the ...

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dive Bali Turtle and diver

21 Sep Fun Facts About Turtles and Tortoises

Tortoises and turtles can make fun little pets, while sea turtles are beautiful and magnificent creatures that should remain protected and free. Aside from their amazing little shells that do so much more than provide these cool little critters with ...

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14 Sep How Divers Can Conserve the Ocean

Freediving is a fun way to explore the underwater world, but did you know that it’s also a great way to help conserve the ocean and marine life? Most freedivers do this by spreading awareness with their underwater photos and ...

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new divers in Bali

15 Feb Common mistakes made by new divers

Most people are overwhelmed and very excited by their first breath underwater. However, there are some mistakes a lot of new divers tend to do. We’ve listed them for you, so you can start your diving career safely and with ...

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foggy mask during diving

01 Feb How to stop your Scuba Mask from fogging up

You want to see the fascinating underwater world, dive into a beautiful world of corals, colorful fish and other amazing sea creatures. You are entering the ocean, get your head underwater and then… you see barely anything because your mask ...

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Gerätetauchen in Bali

04 Jan 5 Gründe warum Gerätetauchen glücklich macht

Jeder, der schon mindestens einmal Gerätetauchen war, weiß, dass es glücklich macht – und das aus ganz verschiedenen Gründen: Beim Gerätetauchen kannst du jegliche negativen Gedanken, die du dir über Wasser machst, loslassen. Es beruhigt dich. Wenn du erst einmal ins ...

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Project AWARE in Bali

28 Dec Project AWARE – Keep our nature clean

When you think of Bali you may think of long white beaches, crystal clear water, the sun – a place which resembles paradise. And actually Bali is a really beautiful island, with stunning landscapes and many beautiful places to discover! ...

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