04 Jul

The Morning Shift

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A word of advice to anyone thinking of becoming a dive professional, if you don’t like early mornings and the sound of lifting dozens of SCUBA cylinders doesn’t appeal to you, then you should probably reconsider your plans.

For the staff and interns at Blue Season Bali, the day begins long before our customers have even woken up. The first interns arrive to the shop at 5:45 to begin transporting the day’s tanks and equipment.  The “dreaded” 5:45am morning shift belongs to the Divemaster Trainees and is on a rotating schedule, so fortunately we only have to do it a few times in a month.  The morning shift is a bit like tank hauling Russian Roulette because the number of tanks that need to be carried varies depending on the number of customers and the types of trips going out that day. You just never know what you’re in for until you show up at the dive centre.

I’ve had shifts where me (along with whoever else shows up a bit early) needed to haul close to 100 tanks and others where I’ve only had to lug 10 or 15. However, as we move into Mola Mola season (officially starting on July 15th) and the number of Mola hunting customers increases, so will the number of tanks that need to be carried and loaded into the vans and Hilux. Thank goodness I will be starting my Instructor Development Course around that time and will be free of the 5:45 curse. I’ve heard horror stories of endless lines of tanks waiting to be carried during high season – a situation I’d rather like to avoid.  The first morning shift of my Divemaster internship was definitely the worst since I hadn’t yet trained up those tank lifting muscles and still needed to callous up my fingers in the right places. But now that I’ve been hauling tanks for a month, the looming morning weightlifting session isn’t nearly as scary. But I’m not going to lie, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing my name disappear off the early morning roster.

Just a small taste of what the morning shift has to offer

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