22 Jun

Things to Know Before Going on a Dive Safari in Bali

Many may mistake a dive safari as a regular scuba diving trip. In reality, the preparation is a little different and you’d have to manage your own expectations by understanding certain things beforehand.

As experienced divers, we are well familiar with diving in Bali. You can save all the ‘wish I’d known that before’ talk because, this week, we’ve prepared you a number of useful tips for going on a dive safari in Bali.

dive safari in bali - tulamben

Pack light but don’t under pack

We know what the experts say about carrying only what you need makes you a master traveler. It rings true to some cases where you’re able to wash and re-use your clothes. In this case, however, you’ll be checking into a new resort every other night. Pack properly for the entire duration of your stay to save any hassle and funky-smelling clothing.

Don’t forget your dive gear or equipment

If you have your own set of gear, prepare it thoroughly. Essentially, you’ll be travelling with a dive center that is equipped with only what you need. So if you’re renting gear from the dive operator, they’ll probably have it prepared prior to the trip. However, if you are bringing your own and you forget something, you’ll end up with an incomplete set of gear.

No place to soak or rinse cameras

Things to Know Before Going on a Dive Safari in Bali 1

Underwater photographers, it’s most likely that you’ll have no place to soak or rinse your cameras before, between and after dives. We’re talking about a mobile dive center, so don’t expect a camera room or a tub of freshwater for your use. All the maintenance has to be done in the comfort of your own room.

Flexible itinerary

To a certain extent, you will have a fairly flexible schedule. Double check with the dive guide, but you’re likely to have the option to alter what you want to see outside of the resort. Talk things out when making your booking to see what can be done.

Pack motion sickness pills

There will be some (if not many) choppy boat journeys that aren’t necessarily short rides. The boat ride to Nusa Penida is known to be quite rough. If you aren’t used to it yet, motion sickness pills can work wonders for your dive safari trip!

Do you have experience going on a dive safari in Bali? Let us know your tips below in case we missed anything!

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