26 Mar

Three (3) unique ways to off-gas in Bali

It’s been a fabulous dive holiday – probably the best dive vacation you’ve taken to date. You’ve seen Manta rays, Mola-molas, Sea turtles, and the reefs are teeming with life. Plus, you only dived in a 3mm shortie throughout the trip! There’s a dive this evening at 5:30 p.m., and you really wanted to have one last look at that enormous school of jacks out at Tulamben. But there is just one problem – You have a flight to catch tomorrow morning, and you don’t want to risk having decompression illness because you flew too soon…Luckily, Besides the amazing dive spots and unique marine life to see in the underwater world of Bali there is also so much to do & see on this not-so-little island found in the Indonesian archipelago.

Conditions can be calm and glassy on one side of the island which is great for diving. But it may still mean the other side of the island has adrenaline pumping waves – which of course means that surf is up! There are also unique cultural shows, rafting and kayaking, elephant safari tours,  and not to mention lots & lots of great food!  If you want to know the top spots just check with your Divemaster or one of our interns! We will  be happy to share some secret spots with you (if you only promise not to tell everyone).

Read on to find out my top 3 picks on where to go…

Some may say that Bali is a paradise lost. It isn’t. It’s just evolved like the rest of the world.

If you want to know what to do in Bali, remember first that the island has transformed itself from a laidback surfer hangout into one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. It now offers as many experiences as the varying hues of green found in a plot of terraced rice paddy.

No 1. Visit Keramas Beach club at night 

keramasThere generally isn’t much to do in Bali after hours unless you are an avid party goer. Most businesses shut at around 9pm and divers often ask what they can do to off gas without risking a hangover the next day. My suggestion? Hang out at the black sandy beach north off Padang Galak.  You will find Keramas Kommune Beach club where you can watch the amazing night surfing demos, a new experience on the ‘Island of the Gods” at Keramas Beach, Bali. Under custom-built lights, experienced surfers will take to the waves when the swell is up directly in front of the spectacular Komune Beach Club – this place is only about 10 minutes away from our dive center.

This beach has just recently been appointed by the association of surfing professionals (ASP) as a new main event on the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour and the first elite tour event in Indonesia since 2008. Situated right on the surf-spot you can find Keramas Komune Bali Beach club where guests and day visitors alike can enjoy chilled vibes, beach club tunes, massages, magazines, huge comfy day beds and an amazing aquamarine pool right in front of the wave. Come and watch Komune’s amazing night surfing demos, a new experience on the ‘Island of the Gods” at Keramas Beach, Bali. Under custom-built lights, experienced surfers will take to the waves when the swell is up directly in front of the spectacular Komune Beach Club.

No. 2 Go to the Elephant Safari Park

If your up for a truly unique experience you should definitely visit the Elephant Safari-Park & Lodge in Taro, it is acclaimed as the world’s best elephant park and is a must for any visitor to Bali. The park is an official member of the World Zoo Association, and meets International Standards for animal care. It is set in more than 2 hectares of exotic eco tourism landscaped botanical gardens, surrounded by national forest.


The park is a fantastic day trip away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta where you can get up close with these majestic creatures. Not only can you ride the elephants through the cool jungles of Taro (an experience that you’ll never forget!), you can also hand feed the elephants, touch them, take photos with them and enjoy the educational elephant shows.

There is also a fantastic museum at the park, a buffet restaurant overlooking the lake and a luxury safari style lodge if you want to extend your time there. Displays of elephant intelligence and their capabilities can be viewed at the Park Arena and elephants can also be seen painting at selected times daily. Without a doubt the Elephant Safari Park in Taro is a MUST for visitors to Bali, and is the ONLY complete elephant experience in the world – making it truly unique.

No 3.Have a cocktail at a posh beach bar

Visitors to Bali have usually heard of Seminyak. They’ve usually heard of Ku De Ta. But a hidden jewel in Jimbaran Bay awaits those who seek a little further…The Rock Bar.  Jimbaran Bay is best known for its seafood restaurants, but this bar most certainly steals the show. The Rock Bar is literally served straight up on the rocks, with the Bali waves crashing against them. Sip a cocktail or two, listen to the live musicians play and look down onto the ocean below you. This place truly leaves a lasting impression and it’s one of the best spots if you enjoy sunsets & a cocktail. Even more novel is the outdoor elevator that takes you down onto the rocks. Live musicians perform every Friday, Saturday and Sunday so head down with your dive buddies and practice the art of “off-gassing” in style!


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