24 Nov

Tulamben- Dive in the Shadow of Bali’s holy Volcano

Turtle in Tulamben

Beautiful Tulamben:

Tulamben lies in the shadow of the holy mountain “Gunung Agung”. It is one of Bali’s most picturesque places; a small fishing village which is located in the North- East of Bali – surprising us with beautiful dive sites.

Divesite “USAT Liberty Shipwreck”:


Depth: 5- 30m

Visibility: 12- 20m

Degree: 28- 30

Currents: calm

Experience level: Beginners and advanced

The best known and probably the most exciting dive site is the “USAT Liberty Wreck“. According to many scuba divers it is the best shore entry wreck dive worldwide. Laying on the ground in 5- 30 meters, this dive site is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced divers depending on the depth you want to dive. Originally the ship lied half in the water and half on the countryside; the volcano eruption in 1963 drove the ship into the water just off shore.

Now divers have the unique opportunity to discover a 120 metre long wreck covered with coral and other beautiful sea life. And that’s what we did when I dived this site with BSB, we jumped in the beautiful warm water. Well that is not quite right. At first we needed to walk along the stony beach into the sea and then we enjoyed the sea as warm as a bathtub (Happy me!). Underwater we saw among other animals, a Bumphead Parrotfish (a huge fish), Trigger Fish (fortunately in a good mood) and my absolute favorite:”A little sweet turtle”. Usually they’re moving very slowly and it seems like they’re flying through the water.

The beautiful marine life, complete silence, just the noise of your deep breathe and the rising bubbles…that’s what makes diving so special. Okay sometimes the peaceful harmony is interrupted by your buddy hitting you with his fins or you are a beginner (like me) and it happens that you just take off towards surface 😉

What else:

There is so much more than the “USAT Liberty Wreck”. You can go to “Kubu“,” Beta”, “Kelebit”, “Alamanda”. If you’d like to see little sweet pygmy horses go to “Drop off” or if you are fascinated by critter, “Seraya Secrets” is the right dive site for you.

At the end of the day I just was happy that I had such a great day, a lot of fun, two amazing dives, nice people who took care of me and one more amazing memory of my internship in Bali.

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