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Underwater Naturalist, Project Aware and Reef Conservation Specialties

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As divers, we all know and understand the importance of protecting the underwater world where we work, play, learn and relax. Blue Season Bali is dedicated to training Divemasters and dive professionals who are not only good divers but also well informed, eco-conscious individuals who will be able to act as ambassadors for keeping our oceans clean and healthy.

As part of Blue Season’s Divemaster internships, our in house marine biologist Niels Rijneveld spends a lot of time teaching the interns about fish, corals and marine ecosystems. Over the past few days, DMT Nuria from Spain and I have completed three of the eco-specialty courses included in our internship – Underwater Naturalist, Project Aware and Reef Conservation. As part of our Underwater Naturalist specialty we completed two dives on the USAT Liberty where we identified various symbiotic relationships and identified different vertebrate and invertebrates found around Bali.

It was really great to dive with such a knowledgeable marine biologist and I definitely took advantage of the opportunity. I am pretty sure that by the end of the day Niels was tired of me endlessly pulling on his fins to ask questions underwater.

We also completed two dry specialties (no dives) where we learned about coral reef ecosystems and how to protect them as well as receiving an excellent introduction to project AWARE and all the things they are doing to help clean up the oceans.

After a couple of days in the company of Niels I feel like I have a whole new understanding of the beautiful reefs around Bali. If you come to Bali and do some dives with us be sure to find Niels, he’ll be more than happy to give you the “inside scoop” on Bali’s beautiful underwater world.

Niel's and his "eco-baby" A.K.A The Divemaster Eco-Internship briefings book
Niel’s and his “eco-baby” A.K.A The Divemaster Eco-Internship briefings book

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