05 Sep

Become an Open Water Diver with Blue Season Bali

Best Dive Job Blog | Become an Open Water Diver with Blue Season Bali

Today I certified three new Open Water Divers. Samuel, Joseph (14 year old twins) and Leonard (16 years old) completed their Open Water and Jr. Open Water Diver course during a family vacation here in Bali.

The course took place over three days and included confined water, theory and open water sessions.

As the boys found out, becoming an Open Water Diver with Blue Season Bali was very convenient (and also a ton of fun!),  here’s why:

On site pool for confined water sessions: We want Open Water students to experience their first breath underwater in a safe and comfortable environment. Lucky for us, we have a custom dive pool right here at our training facility in Sanur. The boys did not need to travel to a pool after watching their first Open Water video, we just hopped right in!

**No travel times means most of the theory and first 3 confined water dives can be completed in one day.

Local Reef only minutes away: On day two the boys got to experience diving in the ocean for the first time. Blue Season Bali conducts Open Water dives 1 and 2 at “Dog’s Point”, our house reef, which is only a 5 minute car ride away. Not only is it an easy site with great aquatic life but it’s close enough that we can get open water dives 1 and 2 as well as theory, exams and confined dives 4 and 5 completed in the same day.

Final dives at a world famous WWII wreck:  Famous for its easy accessibility from shore and its shallow depth (from 7 meters to 30 meters), the USAT Liberty wreck is an amazing site for new student divers. The boys had a great time exploring the wreck. We even saw a turtle!

Materials and instruction in a variety of languages: At Blue Season,  Instructions are available a variety of languages. Instructors Sandra, and myself are fluent in French so the boys always had access to a French speaker. They were also able to watch the videos in French, use French manuals and complete their exam in French as well.

The boys had a great time and were all smiles when we returned to the shop at the end of the day. I’m pretty sure that the world now has three new lifelong divers. Well done boys! Congratulations!

Diving on the USAT Liberty is a great way to finish up your PADI Open Water course
Diving on the USAT Liberty is a great way to finish up your PADI Open Water course

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