09 Jun

Your first scuba diving experience – what was it like?

 So you’ve watched the documentaries with the Manta Rays, Whales and all the unusual marine life that i47901_10151333883388888_1101164270_n-300x300425829_10151333522248888_602392621_n-300x225

When I close my eyes and think back to my first diving experience; November, Scotland, long 3mm wetsuit, walking into the ocean with my full scuba gear, breaking the ice along the shore with my booties, shuddering I carry on with my buddy for our first Open Water experience. It was certainly memorable, it did put me off diving in Scotland. But as I still saw those documentaries, I still wanted to be part of that world. So I decided my journey wouldn’t stop there, I set myself a challenge to go from zero to hero but somewhere a bit warmer (I still shudder with the memory of the cold water), I ended up in Thailand, it was one of my best decisions of my life. I went on to become an instructor and still loving it, come and join me – I love sharing my office with you : )



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