03 Aug

5 best beaches in Bali

Because it is an island, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Bali has many beaches. But what may surprise you, is that they can differ so much from each other, you’d barely believe they’re located on the same island! From the very crowded, to the super secluded beaches, white, yellow and black; we have it all. That’s why we made a short list of what we think are the best beaches in Bali, all with their own charm.


Probably not the most beloved beach in Bali, but it can actually be quite fun here. As itTurtle release Kuta beach Bali is located on the shore of the most touristic part of Bali, don’t expect you’ll be here alone. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. There are many surf schools located here, so why not give it a go yourself? Try to balance on the waves, and have a Bintang on the beach afterwards! Don’t want to try surfing? There are little stalls all over the beach where you can buy local nasi goreng or bakso, and seats where you can order some drinks. They are open until 6pm, so make sure you order your drink before that time and enjoy as the sun goes down over the ocean.

On the left side of the beach you can also find the Bali Sea Turtle Society, an organisation that takes care of baby sea turtles and releases them in to the ocean. They have hatching’s regularly and you can help to release the baby turtles into the ocean for free! Walk passed their sign and see whenever their next release will be.


Something completely different is Geger beach in Nusa Dua. With incredibly white sand and crystal clear waters, Geger beach is a must-go for the passionate beach-goer. It is surrounded by the most exclusive resorts, which means there are only a handful of people. When you’re there, have a look at the seaweed farmers as well! Their products are made for all kind of cosmetics and medicines. You can often see the farmers at work on the beach.


This is for the more adventurous ones. Located on the very south of Bali, Green Bowl Beach Baliyou will find this very small beach between the cliffs. Getting there is a task though, as you have to walk down 340 steps before you can step on the sand. The beach is quite small and normally there aren’t many people here, which makes it such a nice place to spend your day. This is also one of the best surfing spots in Bali so most likely you’ll see some experienced surfers coming here. Best time to go is early in the day, as later in the day most of the beach will be in the shadows.


We often head out here to go diving or snorkelling. It is a small and peaceful fishing village, and has beautiful dive sites. But not only the underwater world is stunning here. Because it is closely located to the Mount Batur, the sand on the beaches has turned black! This makes it a very special location and well worth a visit.

BALANGAN BEACHBalangan Beach Bali

I saved the best for last! Balangan Beach is probably my most favourite beach in Bali. Before you go down, make sure you go to the viewpoint on the right side of the beach. It gives you an amazing view over the beach! The beach is not super crowded, has white sand and beautiful clear waters. It also has some small local warungs, where you can order some food or drinks. The beach is easy to reach as well. Only a 25 minute ride from Kuta, just follow the Toll bridge and you’ll be there before you know it!

What are your favourite beaches here in Bali? Which one of these have you visited?


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