16 Dec

Bali, a cheap holiday destination for Brits?

Rice terraces
Rice terraces

Why spend so much money on your holiday when you can travel cheaply and enjoy the sunsets on the most beautiful beaches in the world? Bali seems to be the perfect holiday destination over a longer period – especially for the Brits. Not only for the reason that Bali’s living costs are very low. Due to the strong sterling the low costs in Bali seem to become even lower for the Brits. Bali has been rated as one of the top destinations for holiday makers for the last three years!

I want to present you with the top 4 reasons why traveling to Bali should be taken into consideration, not just by the Brits but by anyone:

1. Cheap Cheap! 

Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng

As already mentioned Bali is affordable and has very low living costs. The only expensive point when planning your trip to Bali is the flight itself. However, you can find cheaper flights if you travel to Bali in the rainy season (November – March). Just to let you know ‘rainy season’ does not mean ‘rain all day’ – it can be rather more beautiful because everything is turning green: The rice fields, the trees and the hills which you can climb for some amazing views. The good thing here in Bali is once you have arrived you do not have to worry about expensive living costs – just enjoy the beauty of Bali.

2. So delicious!

Ever tried a dish of Balinese kitchen? It’s so tasty! Bali has the most delicious and also the cheapest food. For example “Nasi Goreng” which means “fried rice with vegetables (and meat)” costs you around £1.35! So the Balinese Kitchen is not just healthy but also very affordable. For sure if you are not into the Balinese Kitchen you will also find some cheap Western food in most of the restaurants. If you want to eat really cheap you can also visit the night markets in Bali and try some crazy Indonesian Food.

Bintang on the beach

3. Bintang – the star of Indonesia

Did you know that Bali is one of the cheapest places to drink beer? An ice-cold small Bintang (it is the most common Indonesian Beer) – which is, by the way, very delicious – costs you around £1!

Some smart info by the way: Taxis around Bali are so cheap that you can enjoy a few more beers… ;-)

Diving in Bali
Diving in Bali

4. You need a cheap honeymoon? 

Bali is ranked as one of the most beautiful, relaxing and – guess what – cheapest honeymoon destinations in the world. You can book a full board with a view right to the ocean while relaxing with your loved one in the pool. If you are in need for some adventures you can also book some amazing trips like snorkeling or diving in the ocean. Everything is possible! You can book these adventures in your hotel and they will arrange everything for you.

So Bali seems to be an island where you need to go to, right? Have you ever enjoyed the advantages of this lovely, beautiful and cheap island? Let us know your experiences about spending money in Bali, we would love to here it!

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