28 Feb

Blue Season Bali Dive Safari: Choose Beautiful Bali or Best of Bali?

Many of our frequent visitors are happy to choose from the flexible selections of Dive Safari packages. Some have even noticed that two of the packages are similar and are interested in knowing what they can expect from each of them.

Beautiful Bali

Nusa Penida Diving

One of the main differences between Beautiful Bali and Best of Bali are the dive sites chosen. In Beautiful Bali, we are interested in two famous spots: Nusa Penida and Menjangan.

Nusa Penida is actually a small island off the east coast of Bali, which is the location of three distinct dive sites: Crystal Bay, Manta Point, and Blue Corner.

Blue Corner is one of several cleaning stations for the world-famous oceanic sunfish, commonly known as mola mola. This bizarre-looking giant fish is as heavy as a small car and spans taller than a fully grown human. It’s no wonder that divers around the world are keen to see such a creature up close.

Menjangan lies in the north-western region of Bali and hosts a collection of unique and colorful marine life that is found nowhere else on the island. Capture an amazing view of great diversity with hundreds of reef fish. From longnose hawkfish to a variety of eels dominating the coral-rich seascape of Menjangan.

The Beautiful Bali package is for the nature lovers and underwater photographers.

Best of Bali

tulamben diving

The Best of Bali package takes you to two locations: Nusa Penida and Tulamben. You might have seen the wonderfully photogenic Nusa Penida, but have you experienced the adventurous side of Nusa Penida?

One other thing that Nusa Penida is known for is its gentle current that allows you to coast in a drift diving session. Apart from that, you can find reef manta rays at Manta Point. How cool is that?

Best of Bali offers night diving and wreck diving in the same location – Tulamben. This great site offers adventures that are not offered anywhere else on the island. Type in “Tulamben” in a search engine query and you will see what we’re talking about.

Tulamben shipwreck is an attractive feature of Tulamben. The shipwreck belongs to USAT Liberty which has experienced quite a shaky history – quite literally. First, it was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine, which left it aground on the shore of Tulamben.

Then a few years after the end of the second world war, Mt. Agung erupted violently, sending rocks, ash, and fire towards the Tulamben shoreline. The pyroclastic flow pushed the ship back into the water, sinking it for good. The pyroclastic flow also created additional features to the natural underwater wall that divers refer to as the Drop Off.

The USAT Liberty wreck is a safe place to dive, with much of it remaining undiscovered to this day. It is not a particularly difficult dive, so you can easily appreciate its historical exterior very closely.

You can also wall dive at Tulamben’s Drop Off or in several pristine sites at Nusa Penida. With special insights about the various diving sites, our guides at Blue Season Bali promise you a thrilling adventure.

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