19 Sep


Best Dive Job Blog | MOLA MOLA!!!

Good things come to those who wait. Finally after three months of missing every Mola sighting at Crystal Bay (and there have been more than a few) I finally managed to spot one of my own and wow, it was definitely worth the wait!

The sighting took place on our first dive of the day while myself and intern manager Niels were conducting dive 1 of the PADI Underwater Naturalist Specialty with a group of Divemaster interns. During this dive, students are asked to locate and identify different vertebrate and invertebrates as well as aquatic plants. You can imagine their excitement when one of the vertebrates they could write on their slate was MOLA MOLA!

This was a very exciting sighting because, being that it was quite early, there were very few other divers around. Pretty much we had this amazing fish all to ourselves. It was also nice because all the divers involved followed the Mola code of conduct and didn’t crowd of scare the fish. The result was an amazing 15 minute close encounter. For most of our visit the Mola was only a few meters away enjoying a nice cleaning from a group of very happy (and hungry) banner and butterfly fish. At one point it even started swimming directly towards us.

Joakim one of our Divemaster interns had brought his camera along so we managed to get some amazing pictures of our new friend.

There is still plenty of time left in Mola Mola season to meet one of these amazing fish. If you have a few days to dive, check out our Mola Mola and Manta Madness dive safaris. Only have one free day to dive? No problem! You can book a full day trip with us to Nusa Penida with a stop in Crystal Bay!

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