27 Jun

Muck Diving in Seraya

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Mucking about in Seraya

The word “muck” isn’t very sexy.  Usually it makes us think of a muddy, dirty mess. In the diving world however, “muck” is definitely the opposite. Muck diving consists of diving in sites that at first glance may seem uninteresting. Usually it’s over a sandy or debris covered bottom with little to no coral growth. But don’t be fooled, there is tons to see if you take the time to look! Recently, intern manager Mike, myself and three other DMTs  went to Seraya for two muck dives. Having heard a lot about Bali muck diving and a bit of a self-proclaimed “nudi nerd” I was ready to go hunting for nudibranchs and other miniature treasures. I wasn’t disappointed. Over our two dives we saw harlequin shrimp, baby scorpion fish, more nudibranchs than I can name (some laying eggs!!), leafy file fish, ornate ghost pipefish, peacock mantis shrimps, frog fish, rock crabs, stingrays and small lionfish. We also saw some amazing larger fish as well.  Two giant black spotted morays snuggled in together at a cleaning station manned by dozens of cleaner shrimp, a huge school of batfish getting cleaned by small cleaner wrasses, a large porcupine puffer fish and tons of different surgeonfish (including Nemo’s friend Dory)

Of course it wasn’t all fun diving (sometimes I need to be reminded I’m actually in “school” here!) Me and DMT Casper completed our 800 meter swim (no arms!!) and DMT Ardi and Casper were also practicing guiding. I also attempted my first SMB deployment which ended in me shooting up to the surface along with my marker! Oh well, practice makes perfect…good thing I still have 1.5 months left in my DMT program to get it right!


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  • Joanne Noelene
    Posted at 4:53 pm, 02 Jul Reply

    Seraya is one of my favorites, glad you enjoyed your dive there 😉

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