16 Dec

Out of the office – into the ocean: Marketing Newbie Laura says ‘Hello’ to the Underwater World

I was very excited heading out for my first diving adventure with Blue Season Bali. I must admit that I was a little bit nervous. What would it be like? What would the organisation be like? Which kinds of fish would we see under water? Maybe you would agree; the questions which you have in your mind when doing something for the first time are one thousand!Rice Terraces

I needed to be at Blue Season very early because I was to be diving with the Divemaster trainees. Dive with the interns – great! – but waking up at 5:30am was anything but easy. The reason I needed to be in early, was because as an Intern, we all need to prepare our equipment (and have a coffee) before the guests arrive.

When I reached the diving school I watched out for my diving team. I was welcomed very warmly and everybody helped me in finding my needed equipment for the diving adventure. I just had to bring my own swimming suit, Blue Season Bali organised everything else for me- what  service!

We went to Amedblog 4, a very beautiful beach and a very nice diving spot as well. When we were sitting in the car Bernd, who had already finished his DM training, explained why the journey to Amed is so special. Very soon I recognised what he was trying to say – overwhelming rice terraces and an amazing ocean view!

Once we arrived in Amed,  everybody prepared  their equipment. I need to admit that although I had  done a refresher on the Gilis the week before I needed a little bit of help to get the gear into the right position.

Leaving the beautiful bus drive and the equipment preparing behind we headed out into the ocean. We put on our fins and descended into the Underwater World. Looking back I need to say WOW! What an incredible underwater world! We saw a huge sting ray, a beautiful lion fish and many more incredible fish! The marine life there is overwhelming!

The second dive was as exciting as the first one because I tried hard to work on my neutral buoyancy skills. With some help of our diving guide Yoshi it finally worked!CAMERA

After these two incredible dives I was really tired and slept all the long bus drive back. It was an amazing trip! I’m so happy that I’m able to enjoy these trips over and over again since I’m staying here in amazing Bali for half a year!

Are you also planning to discover the underwater world in Bali or have you already been there? We would be glad to read about your planned or experienced underwater journey in the comments!

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