25 Jan

Rebecca’s First Scuba Try Dive in Bali


Discover Scuba Diving Intern Blue Season BaliOur new marketing intern from Australia, Rebecca, jumped into the pool this week for her very first try dive. Here’s what she thought:

Coming from Australia, where everyone lives on the coastline, I was a little ashamed to say that I had never been diving to see our beautiful Great Barrier Reef before. And being a marketing intern, I’m usually cooped up in the office all day. So when the opportunity to have a Try Dive came up, I was more than eager to give it a go with the Blue Season Bali instructors.

We arrived at the Swiss-Belhotel, where Blue Season Bali offers patrons a free “Try Dive” in the pool to give them a taste of the scuba diving experience. Glancing around at all of the equipment, I was feeling quite overwhelmed with the amount of equipment the divers use, especially the big scuba tank!

However, after watching how easily and quickly a ten-year-old can learn to do their first dive, I felt I was more than ready for the challenge. I was amazed at how easily a diver can slip into a wetsuit, slap on a buoyancy control device (BCD) and be on their way.

My instructor, Yuan, was so helpful in clearly explaining how to inflate and deflate my BCD, to make
me rise and fall in the water. Next, was to learn how to use the mouthpiece. Yuan explained how even my breathing would affect how I woIMG_6369uld rise and fall in the water.

After a quick explanation of the equipment I was using, I started to deflate my BCD, sink under the water, and was on my way. After being in the water with Yuan for ten minutes, I was hooked. I had so much fun playing around with making myself rise up and down in water, I didn’t’ want to get out!

Yuan really made my first dive a fun and memorable one, even making funny faces at me in the water! I can’t wait to have my first Discover Scuba dive in the open water at the Liberty Shipwreck in Tulamben!

Rebecca Cato

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