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09 Jul Health Benefits of Scuba Diving

Experienced divers would know that scuba diving is a very relaxing and fun activity. But diving is more than just fun, it is actually very good for your health! Scuba diving can have many advantages, so we described 5 health ...

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05 Jul 3 reasons why you have to visit Bali

Bali is the most famous island of Indonesian. Bali has a lot of busy tourist places, but if you’re traveling and look further, you experience the unspoiled Indonesian life. Ducks soaking in the rice fields, people who climb in palm ...

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beach in bali

08 Apr 10 fun facts about Bali

Bali. The most famous island in Indonesia; its spectacular mountain scenery, tropical beaches and the friendly Balinese people make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With thousands of tourists spending their holidays here every year, ...

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Nyepi in Bali

18 Mar Nyepi – New Years Bali

Bali’s biggest festival is just around the corner and unlike other New Year’s celebrations, the Balinese people don’t start the New Year with a “bang”. In most western countries we welcome the New Year in revelry, in Bali, we start ...

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Snorkeling in Bali


ANOTHER perk of interning at Blue Season Bali meant that sometimes I got to tag along on snorkelling and dive trips, and this time it was Nusa Lembongan! A quick five minute bus trip from Blue Season Head Quarters and we ...

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Blue Season Bali's Divemaster Intern Nick

03 Nov Introducing Divemaster Intern Nick

…also known as the Navi guy, or the Trainers Guy or even the Phone Guy… “It is super hot and the internet is crap, but everyone has to learn from life!  – Just a joke on the side,” is what ...

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Blue Season Bali's Divemaster Intern Cara

24 Oct Introducing Divemaster Intern Cara

With her 25 years, Cara is a postgraduate marine biologist and to come to BLUE SEASON BALI was like coming a step closer to her life how she wants it to be. After the impressive island Bali she is heading ...

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Blue Season Bali's Divemaster Intern Wally

16 Oct Introducing Divemaster Intern Wally

“Hey have you seen this Western guy? He is a giant, isn´t he?” These are words Blue Season Bali’s Divemaster Intern Wally had to get used to in the Paradise of Bali, one of the Islands of Indonesia. He beats ...

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Blue Season Bali's Divemaster Intern

15 Oct Introducing Divemaster Intern Sarah

“I am on my mission to face a Mola Mola and find my personal giant Manta.” These are the words of Blue Season Bali’s Divemaster intern Sarah Collins. She is a 23 year old Biology and Chemistry student, who spent ...

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