16 Dec

4 humourous things an intern is challenged with when starting an internship in Bali

Did you ever wonder what it feels like being a new Marketing intern in a diving school in a completely new country like Bali? Well, as you can imagine there are a lot of challenges you have to face when you want to live the dream of working in a diving school. Even if it’s hard to get used to all of the difficulties, you will find that all you have to do is keep your sense of humour. Facing a smile to every challenge will make the things easier than they seem at the first time.

Blog Photo 2.0 MOVING into a new house in a different country is the very start of facing challenges. How can you even pack all your stuff in one bag and then try to make your new room look colorful? 30 kilos luggage are nearly enough to pack all your clothes! Currently the walls in my room just look like they have seen the worst movie in years. So what I did is I clung some bags on the wall as well as my beautiful rice hat on the walls – and hey look! – The walls look friendlier as before! Making a room homely is not that complicated as it seems first.

Blog Photo 1ME finding the correct way to the diving school was one of the hardest challenges I had to face when starting my internship at Blue Season Bali. With my very bad sense of direction I tried to figure out with Google Maps how to drive. I thought it should not be too complicated, the diving school is like 10 minutes away from my new home. Well – that’s what I thought! It turns out finding the way is harder than expected. Lucky me that I tried finding the way on the day before the first day of the internship. Coming late at the first day is not what I wanted to do. Two days later the way seems so easy that I still have to smile about my perfectly working sense of direction.

MANY people to get introduced to in the diving school was the next challenge I was up to. Even though everybody was introduced to me I was busier introducing myself and keep smiling as trying to remember all the names. Not the wisest decision for the reason that I have to ask for the names all over again. However my colleagues seem to know this kind of problem so they smile and telling me their name.

After all the MAJOR challenge is getting used to switch between German at the new home and English in the diving school. Really fun is trying to tell my new roomies a story from the diving school. It’s always more an English than a German story. Finding the words in German seems so hard even though I know the German words at all! What is my brain doing? Most of the times we just start laughing because that comes with the territory.

So as you can OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsee there are a lot of challenges when moving into a new country and starting an internship there. But after all it is definitely worth it and I don’t regret a single step. Are you thinking of going abroad? Do you have similar experiences? Write a comment and let us know about your internship experiences in Bali or abroad.

Let’s move on to an incredible internship with Blue Season Bali!

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