21 Nov

Waiting to Go Pro?

Divemaster Internships & Instructor Internships Special OfferIf you have been thinking about turning your day job into something more exotic then you need to wait no longer!

To celebrate the imminent arrival of 2015 BSB is launching a host of special offers for anyone looking to take the next step on the road to becoming a dive professional.

Even if you are not looking for yourself, if you know anyone who is interested in becoming a scuba professional then the information below may be just what they need.

Time for a Teaser

I am not giving all the special offers away on this post, you will have to visit our websites www.baliocean.com or www.idc-bali-internships.com for more comprehensive information. For now though I am going to share with you my favorite offer.

I hope you all appreciate how much BSB is helping you wannabe dive professionals out there!

So here goes…..

Anyone signing up for our two month Divemaster internship plus the 28 day Instructor Course at Blue Season Bali will receive …….are you ready for this???? You are going to receive a free one month of Divemaster experience in between the Divemaster and IDC course. That’s right, when you pay for the 3 months of training you will get an extra month for free saving you over USD1200!

Not satisfied?

Oh well, there are more special offers available on our main websites so get yourself over there to find out more. Or you can just send us an email to gopro@blueseasonbali.com

And if you are in any doubt, BSB has been setting the pace in professional scuba education for many years so why not join the team that will give you a head start in the diving industry.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. To make things even better we also have some Early Bird discounts but you will have to contact us to hear about them.

See you in Bali.

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