13 Jul

Where to Place Your Arms While You Dive

Have you ever been scuba diving and, while underwater, wondered “Where should I put my arms while scuba diving?” This is normal. Many divers don’t seem to know where to place their arms while underwater either. Most just let them dangle along their sides or use their arms to help them swim along. Whatever you choose, where and how you use your arms while scuba diving is really up to you.

place arms diving

Here are some questions you can ask yourself while you prepare for a dive:

  1. Are you planning to use your arms for any activities during the dive?
  2. Will you need to use your arms to conduct any work during the dive?
  3. Will you be taking any equipment underwater with you, like an underwater camera?
  4. Will you need your arms to swim in reverse?

Here are a few options on where you could place your arms during a scuba dive.

Down The Side

Assume your natural position, just like you do when you’re walking. This is a great position especially when you’re facing strong currents.

Holding On To Your BCD

You could hang on to your BCD’s straps or the inflator host. This position is suitable if you need to push off or use your hands quickly.

bcd hold dive method

Fold Your Arms

Try folding your arms right now – this is exactly how you can do it while you’re underwater. This is a great position as your arms will be tucked into your body but you can freely use them when you need to. This position causes little drag and gives great balance.

Under The Tank / Behind Your BCD

This is another great position as it’s really comfortable. Your arms won’t tend to fall while resting. However, bear in mind that you’ll have less control when you’re in a hurry to use your arms, or during push off.

Fold Your Hands

This position is perfect if you’re bringing a tool with you underwater, such as a camera or a pointer. By holding your camera in your hands, you wouldn’t have to unstrap it when you want to use it. Remember however, there will be more drag due to the equipment dangling in front.

fold hand water dive

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