24 May

Dive Hack to Prevent Your Scuba Diving Mask from Fogging

The last thing you want during your scuba dive or snorkeling session is your diving mask to be fogging. It can ruin your diving excursion very quickly and cause all sorts of dangerous situations.

Diving Mask Fogging



First and foremost is the safety hazard that’s presented when your mask fogs up. You obviously won’t be able to see where you’re going. This creates a secondary problem, which is the trouble communicating with other divers, and that’s if you’re still able to even see them.

Not being able to see through your mask is also an easy way to get disoriented and can make divers lose track of their surroundings and consequently lose track of their buoyancy control.



Scuba diving masks have residue left over from the factory that coats the surface of the lense. This causes consistent fogging until you remove the coating. We’ll share with you 2 proven methods to prevent fogging of your diving mask:

  • Wipe with toothpaste

Apply toothpaste to the inside of the glass lens, then rub it with a soft cloth for a few minutes. If possible, use toothpaste without bleaching agents, the simpler the toothpaste the better. You can also apply the toothpaste and leave it overnight to dry, then rub it off with a clothe.

  • Flame it

Yes, you can burn the inside of the glass element to completely remove the coating. A simple cigarette lighter with a tapered flame is best. Run the tip of the flame over the inside of the lens until the glass becomes darkened. Then wait for it to cool and wipe off with cloth. Repeat as necessary until it becomes difficult to turn the glass dark again, which means the coating has been removed.

We hope this tip is useful for our fellow divers! Come and dive with us and we have other cool tricks to share. Feel free to reach out to us at Blue Season Bali for your next diving trip.

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