12 Jun

Mapping, Fish ID & Night specialties in Tulamben

Best Dive Job Blog entry #2

Well, I have survived my first week as a Blue Season Bali Divemaster Intern and what a week it has been! I arrived just in time for the 3 day intern overnight trip to Tulamben where all the interns took part in various specialty courses as well as finishing the mapping portion of our Divemaster course.  After a somewhat bumpy start as I got used to my new dive equipment (I quickly learned the incorrect way to put in my integrated weights as I watched them fall out of my BCD and sink to the bottom!!) I was ready to jump headfirst into my Divemaster course. Bali is home to literally thousands of different species of fish so I couldn’t ask for a better location to complete my Fish ID specialty course! Several of us also completed the night specialty course with dives on the USAT Liberty wreck and coral garden in the company of a school of bumphead parrot fish, Spanish Dancers and massive groupers (just to name a few). Several interns also took part in Blue Season Bali’s first “midnight dive” on the wreck. For the entire trip the weather was beautiful, the water was like glass and the diving was amazing.  I still can’t believe I’m finally here, even as I bike to the shop at 6am (yawn) I can’t wipe the grin off my face. My life feels life a permanent vacation!!


Me (left) and DMT Nuria busy mapping the area and identifying some of the local underwater wildlife.

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