09 Aug

Nusa Penida Dive Package: Mola Mola Day Trips

Have you seen or heard of the Mola Mola Sunfish? I’m sure you have if you’re visiting our website! They are truly one of the most unique pelagic creatures you can find around Nusa Penida. If you’ve been thinking about meeting one, you’re in luck! We have special dive packages that are tailored just to take our divers to sight the Mola Mola Sunfish.


The Mola Mola 

Mola Mola in Nusa Penida

For those who aren’t already familiar with the Mola Mola Sunfish, they are the heaviest bony fish currently known in the ocean. On average they can grow up to 3 meters long, and can weigh as much as 1,000 kilograms! In fact, the largest Mola Mola ever measured weighed as much as 2,300 kilograms – that’s as much as a full-size SUV! 

Speaking of facts, have you ever wondered how they got their names? The Mola Mola is naturally found in deeper parts of the ocean. Their bony structures allow them to resist the immense underwater pressure at 800 meters! However, despite their affinity for diving to great depths, they like to swim by the surface to bask in the sun. Once they’ve charged themselves with the sunlight, they’ll dive back to their usual depths. It is during these ascents that we try to catch a glimpse of the Mola Mola Sunfish. 


One Day Mola Mola Trip

The waters in Nusa Penida are a gem for divers. Diving conditions are excellent throughout the year, with excellent visibility and diverse marine life to encounter underneath the waves. It’s no wonder that the Mola Mola Sunfish loves to swim around Nusa Penida. One of those marine animals you can encounter is the elusive Mola Mola Sunfish! 

At Blue Season Bali, we offer guests to do 2 or 3 dives in our special Mola Mola Dive Trip. Are you ready to meet the Mola Mola Sunfish? Come and visit us at Blue Season Bali to book your dive trip!

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