13 Apr

Scuba Panther strikes again!

On March 22nd, our team accompanied by Peter the Scuba diving Panther, journeyed to Sanur Independent School to meet with an excited bunch of students to share ideas on marine conservation and introduce Blue Season Bali’s artificial reef design contest.

First, we were delighted to watch the 1st graders perform a skit on ancient Egypt that included some of the many mysteries such as the Pyramids and the Sphinx. The audience was even lucky enough to get a thorough ‘demonstration’ of the mummification process.

Following on was our turn to present! Marketing Director Joanne gave a presentation about what the students can do to help preserve marine life. During the Q&A session the children proved to have a solid basic knowledge of the ocean, and as such they understood the importance of protecting our environment, and especially helping to keep the ocean as clean as possible.

After the presentation, some of the children were excited to have their picture taken with our mascot, and if there’s one thing Peter the Pink Panther is, it’s photogenic! He was not one to disappoint,providing big smiles and crazy poses for everyone. But as with any cat, their attention span can only last so long if there is a ball around!


All in all it was a great day for raising awareness on how all of us can get involved to help make our beloved ocean a better place for us and, more importantly, the marine life. As the morning’s presentations came to an end and the children had to attend their respective classrooms, you could tell that there were already a lot of great ideas starting to form, as well as an eagerness to get started with the project. One class had already found several ideas in terms of how they could raise donations for the maintenance of the artificial reef structure.

We also visited Gandhi Memorial School and shared the enthusiasm with the students there.

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