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ocean sunfish mola mola

11 May Facts About Ocean Sunfish – Mola Mola

The Mola Mola, which looks like a prehistoric shark that has lost its tail, is undoubtedly one of the most bewildering fish swimming our oceans waters. They are a creature of extremes and mysteries. Here are fascinating facts about the ...

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new divers in Bali

15 Feb Common mistakes made by new divers

Most people are overwhelmed and very excited by their first breath underwater. However, there are some mistakes a lot of new divers tend to do. We’ve listed them for you, so you can start your diving career safely and with ...

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Tauchen in Bali

09 Nov Ranking: das sind unsere Top 3 Favoriten in Bali

Neugierig, was du während des Tauchens auf Bali alles entdecken wirst? Beim Tauchen und/ oder beim Schnorcheln wirst du so viele schöne Tiere und Korallen sehen! Eine Meereskreatur in Bali ist schöner als die andere. Die Unterwasserwelt ist so anders ...

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Tulamben Diving

29 Jun Tulamben – besides the famous wreck

The USAT Liberty Wreck, is probably one of the most famous dive sites in Tulamben or even in Bali. And it’s definitely worth a visit – for beginners as well as for advanced divers. But the disadvantage of this prominence is ...

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